A Tribute to Margaret Ashford

It is with profound sadness that we have learned of the death of our very special and talented friend Margaret Ashford.

Margaret’s daughter Una joined St Mary’s College in 2007 and Margaret quickly became a much loved member of our St Mary’s family. Margaret was everything a school wants a parents to be. She was very proud of Una and always supported her but Margaret generously decided to use her lovely talents to help many others in the school community in any way she could.

Una was a member of the school choir and orchestra and Margaret was their greatest fan. She attended all their performances and helped in her quiet unassuming way – she made beautiful ‘St Mary’s College’ covers for the Music stands which we use to the present day.

She showered the staff with hand crafted gifts throughout the year and especially at Christmas. Her beautiful creations adorn our school and our homes and her beautiful memory will adorn our minds and our hearts for many years to come.

Had we the heavens’ embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light,

We would spread the cloths under your feet’ as the angels lead you into paradise.

With deep gratitude and love, Marie Lindsay

"Margaret was wonderfully artistic. She gave so generously of her time to the Art and Design Department’s staff and pupils. Nothing gave her greater pleasure than to share her creative passion and gifts. We, each of us, benefitted from her skill, creativity, thoughtfulness, encouragement, kindness, gentleness and wisdom. What a wonderful legacy. What a generous woman. We will miss her greatly." - Mairead Treacy, Art Department

"Margaret was a tremendous supporter of the school choir and orchestra. She made the beautiful music stand covers which are proudly displayed at all of our important school events. She was a kind and thoughtful individual and will be greatly missed." - Joan Keaveney, Music Department

"Margaret was such a creative person – You conceive your world in your mind and then create it with your hands. I have a few things that she has made throughout the years in the house, made with passion and creativity. May she rest in peace." - Mura McKinney, Clerical officer

"Margaret was so generous with her time and talents. She supported the work of the school in the most modest way. She was a wizard with the glue gun and the sewing machine, transforming pieces of cloth into lovely creations that hung on many Christmas trees over the years. She never fully realised how well liked and loved she was among all in our school community. She was a strong, hard- working woman who was an excellent role model in how she balanced family life with her commitments outside the home. Many of our homes have little reminders of her work as she often said thank you with a cushion or placemat showing her embroidery skills. Margaret will be very sadly missed by all of us in St Mary’s - a true lady wo has left us with lasting memories of her kindness - she had the loveliest smile and her eyes lit up when she spoke." - Katrina Kealey, Senior Teacher

"Margaret was a very talented woman, she could turn her hand to anything, Christmas tree decorations I think, were her specialty. She made some staff beautiful scarecrows, (which I still have and will now treasure). I remember how heartbroken she was when her pet monkey died in a tragic accident at her home. Such a kind, warm-hearted person. Her work for St. Mary’s will never be forgotten. May Her Gentle Soul Rest in Peace. So sorry for your loss." - Helena Mclaughlin, Sixth Form Supervisor

"Margaret was a kind, thoughtful woman, who always had a smile on her face coming in to St Mary’s. Her embroidery skills and talent were impeccable, Margaret shared her passion and skills with GCSE/A’Level Art students which was a valuable experience for all of us.

I fondly remember Margaret bringing in her laptop with all the new ‘current techy’ software for embroidery making. Although Margaret was not great with technology – she certainly knew the ‘ins and outs’ of embroidery machines and software!" - Aine Thompson IT Technician

"I remember when Una left, Margaret made a satin lavender sachet/ pouch for all her teachers. They were all embroidered with our initials…" - Aileen Lynch, Science Department

"I told Margaret that I went back and did a beauty course and now have my own wee salon in my house. 3 weeks later she came in with a bag and told me it was a gift for the salon made from ‘just wee old scraps of material’. She had made two of the most beautiful cushions - one embroidered with Val’s Beauty Salon (in the colours I had in the salon unknown to her) and one with a beautiful butterfly on top. Every one of our staff must have a we piece of Margaret at home I know I will always cherish them. Such a beautiful lady, she will never be forgotten." - Valerie Kivelehan, Classroom Assistant

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