Theatre of Witness Programme Workshop

St Mary's College hosted 2 highly powerful and engaging workshops by the Theatre of Witness Programme, for Year 13 and Year 14 students. The event was organised by local cross-community group REACH Across, in partnership with The Playhouse.

During each workshop, students heard the emotional stories of Kathleen Gillespie, Anne Walker and James Greer about the impact, consequences and personal legacies of "The Troubles". The guest speakers spoke of the influence of paramilitaries, the suffering of victims and their families, the trauma suffered by communities and the social damage done to Derry and its surroundings.

James and Anne informed students of their recruitment into paramilitaries and Kathleen spoke of the horrific loss of her husband Patsy at the Coshquin checkpoint. Those attending were offered the opportunity to ask additional questions to Anne, James and Kathleen, so that they had a better understanding of their stories and their circumstances.

Principal Brendan Mc Ginn welcomed the Theatre of Witness to St Mary's College and a short presentation to Kathleen, Anne and James was arranged by Vice-Principal Roisin Rice and Acting Head of Religious Education Deirdre Mc Elholm

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