The Amelia Earhart STEM Challenge

Amelia Earhart

Students from the Royal Academy of Engineering, Connecting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Teachers programme network schools, will CELEBRATE the 90TH anniversary of the Queen of Aviation landing in Derry on the 20th May 2022 by taking part in THE AMELIA EARHART STEM CHALLENGE, hosted by Ulster University.

The Amelia Earhart Legacy Association Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the winning team. They will also get the chance of a lifetime on a helicopter ride with their teacher kindly sponsored by City of Derry Airport and Cutting Edge Helicopters over Derry and, the flight path of Amelia Earhart’s landing on Gallagher’s farm in Ballyarnett!

Student teams can compete in various design challenges ranging from Longest Flying Distance to Best Plane Aesthetics. They will get the chance to demonstrate their talents in a STEM Challenge that is adventurous and exciting. The students will reach for the sky and get there just like Amelia Earhart!

The Amelia Earhart STEM Challenge will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the magnificent achievements of Amelia Earhart and her unique aviation link with Derry in a way that will be fun and educational for all students.

We will be joined by the Deputy Mayor, Mr Christopher Jackson, representatives of Atchinson Amelia Earhart Foundation visiting from America and others. The event will culminate in the presentation of Certificated Prizes by Scott Atkinson of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Let’s fly away on this great adventure and join us at 10.00am on the 20th May 2022 at Magee Campus in Derry for this anniversary event and the official photo shoot start - exactly 90 years after Amelia Earhart left Canada on her great adventure.

Commenting on The Amelia Earhart STEM Challenge City of Derry Airport and Cutting Edge Helicopters said:

City of Derry Airport, the 'Gateway of the North West', will be supporting the Amelia Earhart STEM Challenge. The Airport's Managing Director, Steve Frazer, commented: "We are genuinely excited to show our support for the young emerging talent of the North West, and also to honour the memory of Amelia Earhart, an iconic figure for our team at the Airport, and of course, across the world. We have teamed up with our airside partner, Cutting Edge Helicopters, who are based at City of Derry Airport, to offer an amazing prize for the winning group. The prize will include VIP helicopter tours for the winners with Cutting Edge Helicopters and a private tour of City of Derry Airport's facilities." Robert Cummings, Base Manager at Cutting Edge Helicopters, added: "Cutting Edge Helicopters is delighted to support City of Derry Airport and the Amelia Earhart Anniversary STEM Challenge. We wish all the teams the best of luck and look forward to taking the winning team on a fantastic Helicopter flight from our base at the City of Derry Airport."

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