If you were an Engineer – What would you do? – Northern Ireland Winners

The Technology & Design Department are delighted to announce that five students have been selected as Northern Ireland winners.

The 'If you were an Engineer - What would you do?' competition involves students using their creative problem solving, literacy and entrepreneurial skills to design solutions to real work situations. This year over 49,000 pupils from across the UK took part in this exciting competition.

Pupils are encouraged to look at the world around them to find problems an engineered solution could solve. Alongside their annotated drawings an accompanying letter is required to persuade engineers to choose their design to build.

Every student in Y8-10 had the opportunity to submit an entry in to this year's competition and they have all received certificates showing how their design has been graded by engineers and educationalists. Shortlisted entries form part of the regional public exhibitions and winners are presented with a trophy at a prestigious award's night.

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