Year 10 Community Relations Programme

A group of year 10 pupils participated in a twelve-week community relations programme. They had the opportunity to learn about the work of the emergency services in keeping our communities safe.

They engaged with the PSNI, the ambulance service, fire safety and ASCERT. They also explored what it means to have a cultural identity in N Ireland. They attended a presentation in the Guildhall hosted by Mayor Cllr Sandra Duffy.

As a reward for the participation and commitment to the programme they were invited to the Northwest 200 to meet the riders. They were so excited meeting Nadieh Schoots, Glen Irwin, Jamie Williams and Davy Todd.

To complete the day, they were treated to a lunch in the Anchor Restaurant Portstewart and received a complimentary ice cream from Morelli’s of Portstewart. Thank you to all those who made this programme an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the pupils.

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