School Uniform


• 2 blue blouses

• Royal blue v-neck pullover

• Flat black shoes

• Royal blue and gold striped clip on tie

• Navy socks/tights

• Royal blue blazer

Sixth Form Uniform

• 2 blue blouses

• Royal blue St Mary's cardigan

• Flat black shoes

• St Mary’s College sixth form tie

• Navy socks/tights

• Royal blue blazer

• Navy sixth form kick pleat skirt / pinafore


• School scarf

• Navy school trousers (worn from November 1st until St Patrick’s Day only)

• Navy socks only must be worn under trousers and black school shoes.

• Summer blouse (may be worn during May and June only)

PE Uniform - Compulsory

Our new PE kit is compulsory.

Year 8 & Year 9 - St Mary's PE T- shirt and St Mary's shorts

Year 10 - Year 14 - St Mary's PE T - shirt and plain black leggings (leggings do not need to be purchased in O'Neills)

Half zip tops are not compulsory although a lot of PE lessons are delivered outside.

Suppliers: O'Neills, Waterloo Place, Derry City
  • • Jewellery should not be worn during PE at any time.
  • • The PE Policy states that all pupils (1st- 5th year) must take part in PE classses. A medical certificate must be provided before a pupil can be exempted from PE.
  • • Pupils are expected to be well groomed at all times.
  • • No make-up or jewellery to be worn with the following exceptions: - 1 set stud earrings in ears only - Wrist watch.
  • • No body piercing except for 1 pair of stud earrings.
  • • Any black leggings for Year 10 and up only
  • • Staff will check any pupil who is wearing incorrect dress/make-up either in class or around the school and inquire about the reason for this. If a satisfactory reason is not given, the appropriate Form Teacher will be informed.
  • • Form Teachers will contact parents by letter (or telephone) if the correct dress is not being worn. Assistance may be sought from the Head of Year for persistent offenders.
  • • Pupils who have an acceptable reason for being out of school dress, will be issued with a note by Mrs Kealey.

  • • If there is any doubt about whether a particular item of clothing/jewellery/ hair-style constitutes correct dress, then the matter will be decided by senior staff.