St Mary’s College are crucially aware of the needs of all pupils in mainstream education and recognize the importance of tailoring work to meet their needs.  In doing so we have  provisions in place to help your daughter remove barriers to learning  no matter their difficulty. In order to meet the needs of our pupils, we have employed three teachers who work on a daily basis with pupils who require additional support, and our English and Mathematics teachers provide invaluable core support to those who need it on a week-by-week basis. There are ten learning support assistants who have considerable experience who work within all departments in the school as well as focused work in Room 21 (Learning Support Classroom).  All the pupils with needs are supported and guided under the direction and management of the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. In recent years, we have developed considerable contacts with support agencies and other services. We have implemented new systems and ways to improve the quality of learning support  received in St Mary’s. And are fortunate to be able to offer a very interactive approach to learning through our Apple IPADs and online interactive  home programmes. Within the school our pupils may receive individual, focused, or intense literacy support in the cyclical system. They can benefit from paired work and small class support in Numeracy and Literacy.  They may receive specialised outreach support for behaviour or individual intuition as determined by their need. All work is differentiated to meet their needs, their pace of learning, the content and approach used will be specific to each pupil.  All testing  and assessments are differentiated  for the pupil to achieve the best result they can achieve.  Others who have specific learning or emotional difficulties, may also be offered additional provisions such as music therapy or differentiated pathways that may encourage success for them. Even before your daughter starts St Mary’s in September significant work will have been done to ensure the transition from primary to secondary is smooth and  enjoyable as we work with the SENCos from the primary schools and class teachers and any other agencies to support this change in a manner suited to them. So any diagnostic testing already done and any essential tests will be collated or conducted at the beginning of the year to establish a foundation and baseline for improvement. Pupils will be monitored and evaluated regularly so that all teachers are familiar with the individual education plan agreed by you and us.  We endeavour to offer as much provision as necessary and encourage parental support in helping to support your daughter both in school and at home.  .


Mr E C Moore  SENCo Mrs M McClintock Learning Support Teacher Mrs L Kelly Learning Support Teacher Ms B Mckinney Learning Support Teacher Mrs C Connanon (LSA) Mrs L Hasson (LSA) Mrs M Scott (LSA) Ms V Kivlehan (LSA) Mrs L Duffy (LSA) Mrs T McAlister (LSA) Mrs H Curley (LSA) Mrs M Hasson (LSA) Mrs M McCallion (LSA) Mrs E O'Donnell (LSA)