Teaching & Learning


The Project:

  • Use this summer to do some independent learning.
  • Research and create a project that celebrates the life of St Columba.
  • He is also known as St Columb or Colmcille.
  • You can research him using the links provided below.
  • You could visit the St. Columba Heritage Centre at the Long Tower Church.
  • Complete 1 project from the list below or you can come up with your own idea.

Entering your Summer Project:

  • We award prizes for the best projects in September.
  • To enter your project take a photo of your work.
  • Send this photo and short description of your work to: ks3projects@stmarysderry.com
  • Put your name and form class in the subject line of the email
  • Send it in before 25th August 2021
  • Keep your project safe at home – you will be asked to bring it into school in September

Links to help you with your research:


Project Ideas - choose one of these:



  • Paint or sketch a portrait of St Columba
  • Decorate his name ‘St Columba’ in the Celtic Style
  • Use felt to create an image associated with the saint
  • e.g. Book of Psalms, journey on a coracle to Iona, the while horse, the symbol of the dove, the Celtic cross
  • Create a fabric cross stitch/ weave/ knit/ crochet/ felt/ sew  designs/symbols

Drama & English

  • Film an interview with Saint Columba
  • Poetry – study poem/s about St Columba – write it out
  • Compose a poem e.g. an Acrostic Poem
  • Create a comic strip or news article about the life of St Columba
  • Create a children’s story book about the life of St Columba

Geography & History

  • Plot and locate all the monastic settlements in Ireland on a map
  • Plot the journey from Ireland to Iona,
  • Draw a timeline plotting the milestones in the saints life
  • Family tree of Saint Colmcille link to the O’Donnells
  • Describe the Battle of Cúl Dreimne, Sligo (e.g. a news report)


  • Create a crest or a symbol to represent the 1500 celebrations of his birth
  • Make a video/podcast on an aspect of St Columba
  • Share his life through photographs in a movie

Home Economics

  • Make a dish of food associated with the time of St Columba
  • For example: Wheaten (Brown) Bread, Porridge, onions, peas, parsnips, and cabbage.


  • Scríobh scéal nó dán bunaithe ar saol Colmcille
  • Similar tasks to English but done in Irish
  • Crossword about the life of St Columba in Irish


  • Compose a song or rap about St Columba and his stories
  • Perform hymns about Saint Colmcille


  • The Book of Psalms
  • Compose a prayer about St Columba
  • Presentation of churches associated with St Columba

Science & Technology

  • Explore Gartan Clay and its properties
  • Design or build a model bridge/ round tower / feature of a monastery
  • Build a boat / Curragh / Coracle