Support Staff

In order to meet the needs of our pupils, we have a wide range of subject teachers who provide additional support alongside the Learning Support Staff. Our English and Mathematics teachers provide invaluable core support to those who need it on a week-by-week basis. There are 18 learning support assistants who have considerable experience, who work within all departments in the school as well as providing addition support in Room 21 (Learning Support Classroom) and the New Horizons group (Post 16). All the pupils with needs are guided under the direction and management of the Learning Support Co-ordinator. In recent years, we have developed considerable contacts with support agencies and other services, ASD, ADHD, Social Services, EOTAS and Educational Psychology. We have implemented new systems and ways to improve the quality of learning support your daughter will receive in St Mary’s College. We are fortunate to be able to offer a very interactive approach to learning through our Apple IPADs and online interactive home programmes including Power Up for Teens and many interactive/practical games for improving literacy and numeracy skills.