We are proactive in the delivery of the curriculum in many areas within school life, so we regularly identify, track and assess all pupils throughout the key stages, including transitions from Primary 7 into Further Education post 16. Tracking for underachievement is formally checked at the end of each term and were pupils have an identified need, a robust progressive intervention plan is set in motion. Pupils are assessed using a wide range of data collected from Primary School and in-house testing alongside information provided by outside agencies linked with your daughter. This serves to provide a full and varied information to develop a Personal Learning Plan to access the whole curriculum. Pupils generally receive individualise one-to-one support, specific to their needs. They can benefit from paired work and small class support in Numeracy and Literacy. They may receive specialised outreach support for behaviour or individual intuition as determined by their need. All work is differentiated to meet their needs, their pace of learning, the content and approach used will be specific to each pupil.