All testing and assessments are completed for all pupils to achieve the best result they can achieve. Others who have specific learning needs or emotional difficulties, may also be offered additional provisions of support or differentiated pathways so they can realise their own potential. Staff are trained to high level of expertise in education assessment (CCET and Specialist Assessor) and provide a range of assessments, this includes Dyslexia and Dyscalculia and Specific Learning Difficulties as well as reading, numeracy and spelling delays. Even before your daughter starts St Mary’s in September a significant amount of work will have been completed to ensure the transition from primary to secondary is smooth and enjoyable as we work with the Learning Support Co-ordinators from the primary schools, class teachers and any other agencies in a supportive manner. So any diagnostic testing already completed and any essential tests are collated or conducted at the beginning of the year to establish a foundation and baseline for improvement. Pupils will be monitored and evaluated regularly so that all teachers are familiar with the PLP agreed by you and us. We endeavour to offer as much provision as necessary and encourage parental support in helping to your daughter both in school and at home.