Open Day 2021

Address from our Acting Principal Our School Prospectus Click here to view our School Prospectus Our Interactive Tour Click here to view our Interactive Tour Videos from Pupils, Parents and Staff Our Admissions Criteria Memories of Open Day 2020

Open Day 2021 – Memories of Open Day 2020

🔵Open Day 21🔵 Thank you for staying with us – we hope you enjoyed our Virtual Open Day – and after our 2 final videos, our phones lines (02871362154) will be open from 11.30am – 2pm or alternatively email us …

Open Day 2021 – Admissions Criteria Video

🔵Open Day 21🔵 Next up is our own especially prepared Admissions Criteria film explaining the process followed by a short video on our Open Day on 2020. #SMDOpenDay21

Open Day 2021 – Pupils, Parents & Staff Videos

🔵Open Day 21🔵 Next up are videos from pupils, parents and staff. They are short and in every interview, no one was given the questions in advance and it was filmed in one take. The true St Mary’s College is …

Open Day 2021 – Competition

🔵Open Day 21🔵 #SMDOpenDay21

Open Day 2021 – Interactive Tour

🔵Open Day 21🔵 Now for our interactive tour. For this you will be able to go straight to departments to get a better sense of the physical building and resources. Infographics and videos are available to access and we have …

Open Day 2021 – School Prospectus

🔵Open Day 21🔵 Next up is our school prospectus. We hope you enjoy and take some time to flick through the many aspects to this school. #SMDOpenDay21

Open Day 2021 – Principal’s Address

🔵Open Day 21🔵 Our first video is our official Open Day video which also contains an address from our Acting Principal, Mr Brendan McGinn. #SMDOpenDay21

Open Day 2021 – Welcome!

🔵Open Day 21🔵 #SMDOpenDay21

Open Day 2021 Ad

Please tap here to see our Open Day ad and share with our school community and beyond.