Art Department


Art Department success:
  • AS-Level 100% A-C
  • A-Level 100% A-C
MIA Department:
  • A Level: 100% A-C
  • Last year, A2 MIA pupil, Katie Duddy achieved remarkable success. A short documentary film proposal, which she wrote and pitched to BBC commissioners, has been commissioned. Katie now has the opportunity to work with a BBC producer and film crew and will be paid by the BBC for her work.
  1. To fulfil the Programmes of Study outlined by the Education Reform Order taking with full consideration of the Revised Curriculum. 2. To enable and to encourage pupils to achieve appropriate levels/grades in external examinations. To enable pupils to achieve in continuous assessment. 3. To develop diagnostic techniques to enable appropriate curricular design for Special Needs Pupils and provide support for classroom teachers in drawing up ‘individual Education Plan’ (IEP) as outlined in the ‘Code of Practice’. 4. To stimulate interest, curiosity and initiative and to promote an enjoyment of Art & Design. 5. To promote an awareness of change and continuity through time. 6. To develop the key skills of Communication and ICT. 7. To develop the Cross – Curricular Themes through planned curriculum. 8. To develop methods of assessment and to encourage the pupil and peer assessment. 9. To use and develop assessment for learning techniques in order to enhance and improve pupils’ learning experiences by making students aware of how to improve their work. 10. To develop and use data effectively to inform planning and to enhance pupil learning experiences. 11. To promote the use of educational visits - finances permitting.  
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  • Miss Mairead Treacy (Head of Department)
  • Mrs Paula Quinn
  • Mr Franz Hoeritzauer


Years 8, 9 and 10. (K.S.3)
  • Two classes in each year group are banded by ability.
  • Four classes are mixed ability.
  • Students study Art and Design for two 40 minute periods per week (totalling 1hr 20 mins).


Years 11 and 12 will follow CCEA specifications. Unit 1 consists of the production of a Core Portfolio which includes a realised Task realised to outcome (max 20 A2 Pages inc outcome). Unit 2 will be a pupil response to a stimulus paper issued in Jan of Year 12. An outcome must be realised and completed during invigilated time. All work must take place under controlled conditions.

Post 16

Legacy Legacy A’LEVEL Years 13 and 14 will follow AS Level and A Level (CCEA) Specifications. Year 13
  • Unit One: Portfolio with outcome.
  • Unit Two: ESA with outcome.
Year 14
  • Unit One: Personal Investigation inc written element (1000 – 2000 words)
  • Unit Two: ESA with outcome

Revised GCE Art & Design (first teaching from Sept 2016)

There are four internal assessment units in this specification, two at AS level and two at A2.
  • Unit AS 1: Experimental Portfolio (50% of AS, 20% of A level)
  • Unit AS 2: Personal Outcome (50% of AS, 20% of A level)
  • Unit A2 1: Personal and Critical Investigation (practical component 60% of A2, 36% of A level)
  • Unit A2 2: Thematic Outcome (40% of A2, 24% of A level)
Teachers assess the skills outlined in the learning outcomes for each unit through internal assessment. We moderate the results of teacher assessment.
  • At both AS and A2, teachers present the externally set stimulus paper and themes at the beginning of the course in September.
  • Tasks may include a student-led and a teacher-led approach at AS. At A2, students select a subject for investigation and teachers guide them on suitability. The stimulus paper can inspire their investigations.
  • At AS, teachers support students to prepare for assessment, create a portfolio and present their outcome.
  • A2 challenges students to be more independent in their decision-making and presentation of work.

Examination Performance

Fantastic 2016 results: GCSE Art & Design A*-C: 100% A*-B: 76% AS Art & Design: A*-B: 100%! A2 Art & Design: A*-C: 100% A*- A: 86%!

Extra Curricular

Subject Support Time / Date
Art and Design After School Monday - Thursday 3.30pm – 5pm
Scheduled late night supervision PTM dates, Options nights etc
Easter Workshops Easter Holidays
SaturdaySchool Saturdays 10am – 1pm