Physical Education at St Mary’s makes an important contribution to the education and holistic development of all pupils. Pupils are provided with opportunities to acquire competence in a range of skills set out in the Revised Curriculum. Fundamentally we aim to develop 4 main domains of learning: Psychomotor Domain: developing movement skills Cognitive Domain: developing knowledge and understanding Affective Domain: developing attitudes and values Social Domain: developing relations, confidence and cooperation All teaching promotes an awareness and appreciation of safe practice


  • Mrs J Martin H.O.D.
  • Mrs C Gibbons
  • Mrs C Bell


Physical is a compulsory for pupils. All pupils receive two 40 minute lessons per week. Opportunities are provided for pupils to: Increase their knowledge, understanding and skills through frequent and regular participation in a balanced programme of Athletics, Games (invasion, fielding/striking and net/wall), Gymnastics, Swimming Dance and Outdoor Education; Practise, refine and develop skills and specific techniques (e.g. using strategies, tactics, choreographic and/or compositional principles) and use these with consistency. Experience, monitor and understand a range of short-term effects of exercise on the body systems including cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal systems. Monitor and evaluate their own activity levels over a period of time and plan how they can fulfil the activity recommendations for health. Develop their knowledge of safe practices and procedures when taking part in sport and physical activity. Develop the skills and capabilities required to analyse and improve their own and others’ work. Develop the skills and capabilities required to work effectively with others in tasks which require co-operation, creativity, problem solving, planning and team work.


PE continues to be a very successful GCSE subject at St Mary’s. Presently Year 11 & 12 students study CCEA GCSE PE. They receive five lessons per week two of which are practical. This is a linear course. No modules are externally assessed in year 11. The subject content is divided into three compulsory components: Component 1: Factors Undermining Health and Performance (exam in year 12 - May) Component 2: Developing Performance (exam in year 12 - May) Component 3: Individual Performances in Physical Activities and Sports - This is a controlled Assessment component and externally moderated in March / April in year 12 (or year 2 of the course). It requires students to perform three physical activities and/or sports, and to evaluate their own and others performances. Some of the sports or activities that pupils can use are:
  • • athletics activities; • dance activities; • games activities; • gymnastics activities; • outdoor adventure activities; • specialist activities; and 
  • Event Management
Students are assessed on the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of their performances.    

Post 16

Pupils in Lower and Upper Sixth receive two 40 minute lessons per week. Pupils participate in a wide range of activites some of which include Zumba, Badminton, Team games, Orienteering, Netball, Boxercise, Yoga and Trampolining. We offer a wide and varied programme and this is a collaborative approach between pupils and staff. A Level PE / BTEC SPORT Level 3  
Pupils undertake work from the legacy specification. They are required to complete 7 units, 3 of which are compulsory. We expect a dedicated approach to this course and it offers a variety of experiences to work in a sports related industry. We have links to the University of Ulster Magee and they have been extremely helpful in allowing us to see unit content in action.

Examination Performance

GCSE PE results for 2018: 100% A*- C Level 3 Btec Sport Results 2019: 100% Distinction * - Distinction GCSE PE results for 2019: 92% A*- C* / 100% A*- D

Extra Curricular

Pupils are provided with opportunities to participate in a wide range extra-curricular activities. Some of the activities on offer include: Athletics Cross - country Fitness Club Football Gaelic Football Netball Swimming Trampolining Triathlon Club (first school to hold their own swim/tri Academy in conjuction with Triathlon Ireland)