St Mary's College view ICT as a teaching tool to both innovate and motivate our pupils.  ICT is now firmly established as a standard teaching tool in St Mary’s both for class teaching and management. There is hardly an aspect of our lives that isn’t dominated by ICT. ICT controls everything from our defence and security systems to the films we watch, the design of the magazines we read and the hospital operations we wait on. In 2013 the ICT department launched our new Digi-Tech curriculum. St Mary’s pupils now enjoy discrete lessons in IT; the main focus of these lessons is to introduce our pupils to Programming, Gaming, Creative Media and App development. Students will use visual programming languages such as Scratch, Kodu and develop Apps using App Inventor. Our ultimate goal is to help our pupils become fluent in digital literacy, to give them the skills needed to excel in further and higher education and in industry.


  • Mrs. C. Melaugh: Head of ICT (Curriculum)
  • Mrs. C. Rogan: ICT Teacher
  • Miss Y. Connolly: Head of LLW/ICT Teacher
  • Mr. P. Wade: ICT Manager
  • Mrs. A. Thompson: Senior ICT Technician/Web Developer
  • Miss A. Doherty:  ICT Technician/Web Developer


Key Stage 3 Discrete ICT 

During their discrete IT lessons pupils will have the opportunity to create their own games, use raw code to create websites and even develop their own Apps. Pupils will also have the opportunity to use our state of the art Mac suite to create their own movies using the fabulous iMovie package. Our pupils have the unique opportunity to create applications rather than just use them, and along the way inspire and enthuse one-another.

Cross Curricular ICT

At Key Stage 3 ICT is also delivered across the curriculum, pupils will use ICT to develop skills in researching and handling and communicating information. They will use ICT, to engage in academic research and purposeful tasks set in meaningful contexts. They will be encouraged to edit information, present and exchange their ideas, and show an awareness of audience and purpose. We endeavour to equip our pupils with the most current skills that both employers and educational institutions require. The following departments are involved in the assessment of ICT.  

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Technology Languages Technology
Art Geography History
Music Religious Education


The ICT Department  currently offer the following courses:

  • GCSE: Double Award in Applied ICT
  • BTEC: Level 2 Information and Creative Technology

GCSE: Applied Double Award ICT

  • Unit 1: Tools and Applications (a practical unit which includes word processing, spreadsheets, databases, PowerPoint and Publisher) –2 hour exam
  • Unit 2: ICT in Organisations – you will look at how ICT is used in business (coursework).
  • Unit 3: ICT in Society –you will look at how different groups of people are affected by ICT, e.g. teenagers, adults, the community and people with special needs/ requirements (coursework).

Is There Coursework?

  • Unit 1: 2 hour exam
  • Unit 2: Coursework
  • Unit 3: Coursework

Is It For Me?

Possible Careers: Software Developer, Network Manager, Programmer/ Developer, Web designer/ Developer, Project Manager, IT Technician, Computer Game Developer, Graphic Designer, Data Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, Hardware Engineer, Teacher and lots more...      

Btec Level 2 Award in Information and Creative Technology

  The Edexcel BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Information and Creative Technology has been designed primarily for young people aged 14 to 19 who may wish to explore a vocational route throughout Key Stage 4, but it is also suitable for other learners who want a vocationally focused introduction to this area of study. It has been developed to:  
  •  inspire and enthuse learners to become technology savvy – producers of technology products and systems and not just consumers
  •  give learners the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge of the Information Technology sector and some aspects of the creative industries e.g. computer games development

Post 16

The ICT Department  currently offer the following courses:

  • GCE: Single Award Applied ICT
  • Btec Level 3:Subsidiary Diploma in IT
  • GCE: Software Systems Development

GCE: Single Award Applied ICT

Content Theory work relating to the use of information technology by individuals, organisations and members of society. Learn and acquire high-level skills in the use of word processors, spreadsheets, databases and other software in order to develop solutions to real-life problems. Use of E-learning to enhance learning Assessment Unit 1: Information and Communication (coursework) Unit 2: Tools and Applications (Exam) Unit 3: ICT Organisations and Information Systems (coursework) Unit 7: Investigating Systems (Exam) Unit 8: Database Development (coursework) Unit 9: Managing and Developing Websites (coursework)


Software Developer, Network Manager, Programmer/ Developer, Web designer/ Developer, Project Manager, IT Technician, Computer Game Developer, Graphic Designer, Data Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, Hardware Engineer, Teacher And lots more.....

Examination Performance


  We would like to congratulate all of our students on their amazing results, and wish them the very best of luck for the future. Well done also to the ICT teachers for their incredible hard work and dedication, as always a great team effort.
Exam level Number of students A* – C A – E
GCSE 20 100% 100%
AS 25 96% 100%
A2 15 100% 100%

Extra Curricular

The IT department currently offer the following extra curricular activities:

  • Minecraft Club (Saturday School 10am - 1pm) Join our Minecraft club! Pupils have been developing their digital skills using this popular game as they work with others to build bigger and better worlds.
  •  Senior Coursework Club -  Pupils studying ICT at GCSE or A Level  can receive extra help and guidance from their class teachers. Clubs run at lunchtime and after school.
  • Code Club -  Our innovative code club takes place on a Tuesday after school for juniors.
  • Microsoft IT Academy - The Microsoft IT Academy continues to grow from strength to strength. So far, all the pupils who have taken the MOS exam have passed and attended a graduation ceremony hosted by the school in conjunction with Prodigy. Not only have we successful graduates from year 12, but members of the community, pupils from Foyle View Special School and our own classroom assistants have also achieved great success. To find out more about the IT Academy and enrolment information please feel free to contact the school.
  • Coursework Clinics - Coursework Clinics are offered over school holiday periods such as Halloween and Easter. IT students have the opportunity to receive extra help from their class teacher in a small group environment.