The aim of Technology and Design is to provide pupils with the understanding to function effectively in the rapidly changing world. Through this subject pupils will have the opportunity to become more aware of how things are made and how they work. Active involvement in Technology and Design provides opportunity for pupils to think, plan, reason, manufacture and evaluate. We actively develop the pupil’s ability to think and plan in a logical sequence to pursue goals, which can be realistically achieved. The subject brings together and utilises knowledge and skills from other curriculum areas especially in problem solving activities. Technology and Design requires pupils to use a variety of materials, components and processes in the design and manufacture of products. It also offers pupils opportunities to experience the personal satisfaction and enjoyment. It instils in pupils the discipline of safe working practice. The Technology and Design Department offers pupils the opportunity to study the subject at GCSE, AS and A Level.  The subject is part of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) which is being promoted both nationally and internationally. The school also offers the new DigiTech curriculum which allows 11-14 year old pupils the opportunity to study programming, gaming, app design, multimedia editing and web development, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) among other new and continually evolving technologies. Remember to keep up to date with our 'Tweets' by visiting our Twitter Page and Revision Twitter Page. Visit our Twitter feed! @StMarysDerryTD


Mr Gavin Molloy – Silver Teaching Pearson’s Award

Mrs Clare Doherty – Crest Award and Inspirational Educator Award

Finalist (top three in the UK) & Regional Winners Jamie's (Oliver) Design a Restaurant Competition

Blazin Digital Road Safety competition winner - Maeve Stillman Yr 10 & Finalist Simone Crossan Yr 9

Winner of Engineers Ireland Engineers Week competition - Molly Meehan Yr 10

VEX Robotics Competition - Yr 9 - Taylor Hale, Ines Mc Caul Prazeres, Courtney O Kane

Faraday Engineering Competition - Yr 9 students

Entrepreneurship Week Award – High Impact Host 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Irish News Finalist

Engineering Week - Dee Kehoe Director of Engineers Ireland described St Mary's College as 'the poster school' for Engineering Week in Ireland

University of Ulster Insight into Computing and Engineering placement - Eirinn Baird and Shannon Knox

Night of Ambition Celebration, Belfast

Ulster University Engineering Step Up Graduates

Saturday School Technology

STEAM Club for KS 5 and Year 8 Technology Club

Robotics Club

E & I Engineering Work Placement


  • Mrs Clare Doherty: Head of Technology & Design
  • Mr Gavin Molloy
  • Mrs Mairead Flanagan
  • Mr Sean McBride
  • Mr Gerry McLaughlin: Senior Technician


The study and practices of Technology and Design help us in making sense of the world in terms of the practical issues of design and their close relationship with the values of society and also in the consideration of how products of enrich our lives. The Key Stage 3 curriculum is delivered through key projects each year, these are: Year 8 – Spaghetti Tower, Frisbee, Metal Pen Holder, Graphics, Pencil Case, CAD Year 9 – Recycled Bird feeder, Mood Light, Photo Frame, Trinket Box, Computer Control, CAD Year 10 – Sweet Dispenser, CAD, Speaker, Jewellery, ICT Task Projects are evaluated and updated on a regular basis taking account of pupils’ interests and advances in technology.


Technology and Design Technology and Design allows you to learn about Product Design. It also provides a good foundation if you would like to study technology and design related subjects at a more advanced level. What will I study? Unit 1 Exam (1hr May/June Year 11)- Technology and Design Core: This is a core unit and is compulsory. In this unit you will learn about:
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical Control Systems
  • Computer Control Systems
  • Pneumatic Systems and ControlIn product design you will design and make a product taking into account:
Unit 3 Exam (1 hr May/June Year 12) – Product Design: In product design you will design and make a product taking into account:
  • Materials and Components
  • Manufacturing Practice
  • Social Responsibility and Market Influences
Unit 4 Controlled Assessment (15 hours Year 11) – Design Assessment: Research Sheets Three A4 pages Design Sheets Four A3 pages Unit 4 Controlled Assessment (15 hours Year 11) – Design Assessment: Unit 5: Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Ten A3 pages Practical Product An individual hand crafted product as designed by the student    

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Technology and Design

In GCE Technology and Design you will study technology and design in a range of contexts including home, school, recreation, community, business and industry. You will learn about harnessing the resources of people and the earth we inhabit through the creation of products and/systems. You will also investigate and anlayse existing products and design manufacture and evaluate your own product. AS Units: 1:  Product Design: In this unit you will learn about product design including materials and their Processing 2. Coursework, Product Development In this unit you will investigate and analyse an existing product, re-design, manufacture, test and evaluate the product. A2 Units: 3. Product Design In this unit you will have the opportunity to further the knowledge and understanding which you have gained from the optional sections in AS 1.  4. Coursework, Product Design In this unit you will manufacture a technological product which provides a solution to an identified problem or need. You will also produce a folio containing both written and graphical information. Industrial Links St. Mary’s Technology and Design Department works closely with local companies to enrich the learning experiences of pupils.
  • AE Global (formerly All Pipe Engineering)
  • BubbleBum Booster Seat
  • Calcast
  • E & I Engineering
  • Forth & Foyle
  • Invista
  • Maydown Precision Engineering
  • Seagate

Examination Performance

GCSE Technology & Design
GCSE No. Entered A* - C A* - E
Technology 22 86% 100%
GCE Design & Technology Advanced Level / Level 3
AS / A2 No. Entered A* - C A* - E
AS Technology 10 90% 100%
A2 Technology 7 100% 100%

Extra Curricular

Throughout the school year teams of pupils are regularly entered for Design and Make challenge events. Pupils participate in STEM events regularly including careers workshops, role models presentations and visits to local companies. The Technology Department also run two important careers events during the academic year:
  • Global Engineering Week in February
  • Entrepreneurship Week in November
Going into its 3rd year Mr Gerry Mc Laughlin and Mr Gavin Molloy put on their Primary school hats and Roadshow uniforms for the very successful Technology and Design Primary School Roadshow.   They go into local primary schools and have workshops in 3D printing, computer controlled buggies and drone technology. We also host
  • Toast and Technology – A display of Northern Ireland GCSE, AS and A2 students exlempar examination practical work in June
  • TeachmeetTD