Health and Social Care Department


The health and social care department strives for excellence from every learner by encouraging them to embrace experiences and opportunities and to apply their learning to examples within different settings of care. Each student is supported through attending engaging lessons and the use of up to date resources which challenge and motivate them. We believe that every student should be able to achieve the highest grade possible regardless of their ability so will secure the opportunity for all to succeed in all areas of the curriculum. The aims of the Health and Social Care Department
  • To nurture an interest in caring skills.
  • To develop  presenting  and communication skills
  • To develop critical thinking skills
  • To encourage students to explore a range of different viewpoints on key issues
  • To transform students into independent learners who will be able to meet the challenges of an ever changing world
  • To encourage students to become confident reflective thinkers


  • Terri Casey
  • Orla Mulhern
  • Karen Holt
  • Tara Mc Vey
  • Caitriona Devlin
  • Jacqui Chapman


We currently offer two qualification choices at ks4. We offer CCEA GCSE single award Health and Social Care and BTEC Level 2 Award in Health and Social Care. Presently there are 25 year 12 pupils studying GCSE and 17 pupils studying BTEC. Additionally there are 53 year 11 pupils studying GCSE and 24 studying BTEC. The GCSE comprises of portfolio based work, worth 50% of the overall GCSE grade and exam based work, worth 50% of the overall GCSE grade. The BTEC comprises of portfolio based work worth 75% of the overall qualification and exam based work worth 25% of the overall qualification. Throughout both qualifications pupils learn about growth and development from infancy through to later adulthood. They also study the factors that can affect overall development negatively such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, smoking and poor diet. As well as the factors that affect health positively such as income, housing, education and employment. Furthermore they will study different types of healthy and unhealthy relationships and the support available when relationships go wrong. The content of all courses gives pupils an insight into changes that they can make in their own lives to give them the best opportunites. Additionally pupils will interview family members and practitioners, such as nurses, Dentists, care workers, teachers, GP's and social workers in order to gain more information about their particular Health and Social Care job roles.

Post 16

As a department we currently offer two main pathways for our pupils progression into post 16. We offer courses that aim to provide all pupils with access to learning opportunties that meet their diverse needs. As a progression route from BTEC Level 2 at KS4 we offer BTEC Level 3 at post 16. This qualification is 100% portfolio based. We also offer CCEA A Level, as a progression route from GCSE at KS4. This qualifications is a combination of two Portfolio based units and one exam based unit. The focus throughout both qualifications is diversity, equality, development through the life stages, communication, psycholgical and sociological perspectives, as well as inclusion of the elderly and clients with disabilities. As part of the course pupils will complete work experience in various Health and Social Care settings, such as Surestart, Rainbow, FDRC, Nursing homes, Day centres and various Primary schools throughout the city.

Examination Performance

The Health and Social Care department preformed exceptionally well in the 2016/17 exam series. At key Stage 4 96% of our GCSE pupils achieved a grade C or above in the Single Award GCSE. Additionally 100% of our pupils achieved a Pass equivalent to a C grade or above in their BTEC qualification. At Key Stage 5 100% of our pupils achieved a grade at AS Level, A Level and BTEC. This was a great achievement for the department and the pupils within the department. This excellent achievement helped our pupils to access various University courses, such as Nursing, Psychology, Sociology, Social Policy, biomedical Science, Health Sciences, Criminology and many more. The department achieved well above the Northern Ireland across all subject areas, meaning that we are outperforming other schools across Northern Ireland in all qualifications from GCSE to BTEC to A Level.    

Extra Curricular

As a department we offer a series of coursework clubs throughout the year, aimed at pupils who have fallen behind in their coursework or who need extra help. This gives them the opportunity to gain more one on one assistance and to improve their portfolios. We also offer revision classes for pupils before their examinations. We encourage pupils to repeat exams if they have failed to achieve a C grade.