The aims set out below are consistent with the National Curriculum. In St Mary's Mathematics depatment we encourage pupils to: a) consolidate their understanding of maths; b) be confident in their use of maths; c) develop the confidence to use maths to tackle problems in the work place and everyday life; d) take increasing responsibility for their work; e) develop an ability to think and reason mathematically; f) make connections between different areas of maths; g) realise the application of maths in the world around them; h) use ICT appropriately i) develop a firm foundation for appropriate further study


  • Mr Mallon (HOD)
  • Mrs Watson
  • Mrs Monaghan
  • Mr Moore
  • Mr Fryer
  • Mrs Dunne (Numeracy Coordinator)
  • Mr Sweeney


A high percentage of pupils probably do not think that Maths has something to offer them, however, in St Mary's Maths depatment we hope to begin the process were pupils think logically and develop problem-solving skills that will help in their future studies and careers. Pupils will also be asked to: (a) manage information (b) work with others (c) self manage and (d) be creative Within the first week or two of entry to St Mary's we will test pupils (using Alfie) to ascertain their mathematical level and place them in a group matched to their ability. This test will be repeated throughout to check progress. Movement between groups will normally take place after Christmas or Summer exams. Pupils will follow the statutory requirements as outlined in the specifications for Mathematics (including Financial Capability) and will complete 3 'Using Maths Tasks' in Year 10 as part of their assessment.


For GCSE Maths we are currently using the CCEA examining board. Foundation Tier pupils will study Unit T1 or T2 (45%) plus Unit T5 (55%) - Grades C - G available Higher Tier pupils will study Unit T3 or T4 (45%) plus Unit T6 (55%) - Grades A* - D available Both tiers will cover the following areas: Number and algebra; Geometry and measures; and Statistics and probability  

Post 16

We offer 'A' Level Maths (either in-house or through the Foyle Learning Community). This is a demanding subject therefore it is desirable that pupils have studied high level maths achieving a Grade A or better.

Examination Performance

2016/17 GCSE Results

A* - C     72% achieved (NI non selective average = 54%)

A* - E     84% achieved (NI non selective average = 85%)

2016/17 A-level Results

A - C     67% achieved

A - E     100% achieved

The Mathematics department have exceeded the NI non selective GCSE average A*-C grades for the last five years.

Extra Curricular

Pupils are given opportunities throughout the year to participate in our own 'in-house' competitions which may also be used as fund raisers for local charities.

KS3 pupils are also able to participate in;

Children in Need challenge

Sentinus STEM roadshow (when available) - a one day programme offering interactive problem solving activities

Financial capability talks - local banks/credit union representatives talk to pupils on a variety of products

KS4 pupils are also able to participate in;

UKMT competitions - these are national challenges for 11 - 18 year old high performing students.

Stockmarket challenge - this is a 1 day inter-school competition (hosted by ourselves) where pupils working as part of a team trade shares on a live trading floor simulation.

We also offer after school classes plus half day revision courses in the run-up to exams plus additional revision classes during 'Saturday school'