KS4 Personal Development  

** Together we will shape your future **

In alignment with the St Mary’s College mission statement and fundamental aims, the KS4 Personal Development Programme aims to educate the whole pupil, providing each individual pupil with the essential and desirable skills for life and employment and endeavoring to keep our promise to our pupils that “Together we will shape your future”. At present, St Mary’s College is the first post-primary to offer the innovative, skills based Personal Development Programme. The programme is a unique blend of the nationally recognised Wider Key Skills and Certificate of Personal Effectiveness qualifications offered by ASDAN. In addition to the imperative skills and certification gained by the pupils completing the programme, pupils are awarded the equivalent of 3 GCSEs at Grade B. Transferable Personal and Professional Skills The programme also offers realistic and valuable opportunities for accrediting young people’s personal qualities, abilities and achievement, as well as introducing them to new activities and challenges. Pupils gain transferable personal and professional skills in:
  • Working with Others
  • Improving Own Learning and Performance
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning and Carrying out a Piece of Research
  • Communication through Discussion
  • Planning and Giving an Oral Presentation
  Internationally Recognised Certification The programme offers the opportunity for pupils to achieve internationally recognised certification that will increase their employability, skills level and knowledge. The Personal Development Programme comprises of World Host Ambassador Workshops that pupils attend and actively participate in. At the end of the training, pupils receive the international World Host Certification to demonstrate their ability to deliver excellent customer service and enhance their employability. Work Related Experience Pupils will be given the opportunity to participate in 20hrs Work Experience as part of the programme. St Mary’s will work closely with School Employer Connections to place pupils in a suitable and desired work setting. Pupils gain valuable experience and skills from work placement and it often is a motivational and driving force for pupil’s academic achievement in Year 12. Extended Health and Fitness Programme Personal development of the pupil encompasses their physical, emotional and mental health also. The programme aims to improve pupil’s health and fitness levels and drive by encouraging them to participate in a 20hr Extended Health and Fitness Programme. Pupils get to use the state of the art gym facilities at St Mary’s College under the guidance and supervision of a qualified instructor. Young Social Innovators Young Social Innovators challenges young people to work in teams to find innovative ways of solving real life problems. More than just coming up with great ideas however, pupils are challenged to put those ideas into action and make a real difference to the lives of people around them. Pupils address issues relating to mental health, human rights, homelessness, community facilities, the environment, technology, bullying, farm and water safety and many more. They have the opportunity to be an active member of the community developing national campaigns, lobbying for political action, creating facilities, build enterprises and make real and lasting positive change.


  • Miss Y Connolly (Teacher of ICT)
  • Miss C McGarrity (Teacher of Physical Education)
  • Miss O McIntyre (Teacher of Physical Education)


Personal Development Programme of Study Year 11 Pupils complete six units of study that focus on achieving the Asdan Wider Key Skills qualification.
  •  Working with Others
Unit 1 – Young Social Innovators Unit 2 – School Magazine / School Newsletter
  • Improving Own Learning and Performance
Unit 3 – World Host Training Unit 4 – Delivering an Effective Presentation
  •  Problem Solving
Unit 5 – Career Choices Unit 6 – Improving my GCSE grades   Year 12 Pupils will focus on achieving the Asdan Certificate of Personal Effectiveness qualification Credits from the Asdan Wider Key Skills qualification attained in Year 11 can be attributed to the Asdan Certificate of Personal Effectiveness qualification. Therefore pupils will have completed 40% of the CoPE qualification prior to Year 12. The CoPE credits are gained in apportioned lessons with the subject teacher and in core subjects across the curriculum.   Compulsory Skills:
  • Planning and Carrying out a Piece of Research (1 Credit)
Unit 7 – Module 2 C: Research local community needs and ways of meeting them
  • Communication through Discussion (1 Credit)
Unit 8 – Module 12 C: Choose a moral issue that you consider to be important today
  • Planning and Giving an Oral Presentation (1 Credit)
Unit 9 – Module 1 C: Delivering an Effective Presentation   Enhanced Skills:
  • Work Experience (2 Credits)
Units 10 & 11 – Module 8 B: 20hrs Work Related Learning and Enterprise
  • Fitness Programme (2 Credits)
Unit 12 & 13 – Module 7 B: 20 hrs. Extended Health and Fitness Programme
  • Vocational Training (1 Credit) World Host training
Unit 14 – Module 6 C: Vocational Training (1 Credit) World Host Training
  • International Links (1 Credit)
Unit 15 – Module 10 C: International Links Carry out an in-depth study of a foreign country

Examination Performance

Asdan Certificate of Personal Effectiveness 2013-2014

*********** 100% Pass Rate***********

20 pupils successfully completed the course and attained the Asdan Certificate of Personal Effectiveness. This is the equivalent of a Grade B at GCSE.

*********** 100% Pass Rate***********