Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Our Management of Partnerships with Industry Employers are one of our key partners. Through partnership with industry we wish to ensure that we maximise our pupils’ opportunities to experience: a rich vocabulary contextualised curriculum quality advice, guidance and motivation for future career paths

Ownership of Partnership

Mrs L McMorrow

Partnership Team

Careers staff

Communication Channels with Industrialists

  • Letters, phone, fax, email
  • Induction breakfast seminars
  • Mentorship meetings
  • Attendance at SEC Board meetings
  • Attendance at FLC Board meetings
  • End of year events

General Areas for Partnership Activities

  • Structured weekly vocational placements for pupils.
  • Block placements in industry twice yearly.
  • Mentor advice and support in classroom.
  • Assistance in production of good practice manual.
  • Adopt a Classroom
  • Teacher insight into industry placements
  • Direct ICT employer-school recruitment meetings.
  • ICT conferences
  • Video conferences


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Partnerships with the local Business Community

We involve local business as follows: Providing advice and guidance in the use of quality models e.g.Charter Mark, Investors in People, EFQM Model Delivering careers’ programmes Mentoring Involving business in the delivery of vocational courses We hold "Back to School" days for local business