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Letter from Abasan College

We are the students of Abasan Primary School for Girls. We feel very happy and excited to start our first letter to our Irish friends in the city of Derry. When our esteemed Principle told us about the idea of making a link up with your school, all the students expressed great enthusiasm to start such a wonderful project that will enable us to get new friends and learn about other parts of the world. Our school is an all girls school that has 16 classrooms. Each class contains 40 students. The total number of students at our school is 640. Our school was named after the town of Abasan which is located to the east of Khan Younis city in the southern area of Gaza Strip. We have six different grades at our school with a number of classes for each grade. Our school starts in the morning at 7:15 a.m till 12:30 p.m. We have 6 classes every day except on Thursday we have only five. Friday is our weekend. All students get a 15-minute break after the third class to have their breakfast and get some rest. Students wear a special uniform (dark green). Students learn Mathematics, Arabic, English, Religion "Islam", Science, Arts, PE, Social Studies and Technology. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot. Have a nice time Salam = goodbye = slan Salam means peace and we use it to say Hi as well as saying Goodbye.

Link to Gaza

St Mary's College links with school in Gaza 'Salam' (Arabic for Hello) was recently sent to St Mary's College in Derry from as far away as 2,000 miles in Abasan Girls School in Gaza. This was the beginning of an educational pilot programme St Mary's are taking part in called 'link for learning', which allows students in Derry to connect with students in Gaza. The girls in St Mary's College have enjoyed learning about the different culture and way of life of those in another part of the world which has highlighted both vast differences and similarities, allowing for a genuine connection between our cultures We are now on an educational journey together which will allow both sets of students to broaden their horizons and develop an understanding of the world around them in line with the DEA'S document The Global Dimension in the Curriculum- Northern Ireland which states that: 'The effective teaching of the global dimension can enable young people to understand the interconnectedness in the world and the positive role that they can play in today's global society and actively promote social justice, equality and sustainable development' In order to deliver this objective this unit of work has been developed in accordance with the Revised Curriculum of Northern Ireland. The "Link for Learning" programme is a unique programme designed to provide an opportunity for students in Ireland and Palestine to learn about each others cultures and lives by working together using modern Information Technology. It was developed by the Derry Friends of Palestine Educational Committee working in Derry and Palestine. To find out more about the "Link for Learning" programme we invite you visit us here



The following video is from the Video Conference that took place between St Mary's College, Derry and Abasan College, Gaza on the 24th June 2010. (The video lasts 35 minutes and 33 seconds and is approx. 70MB).