Our P.F.T.A. is an organisation of Parents, Friends and Teachers of St Mary's College.  The role of this organisation is to encourage closer links/relationships between home and school, giving your daughter the best possible education.  It is important for St Mary's College to facilitate parental participation throughout the school.  The P.F.T.A. includes parents/guardians from daughters within the school Year 8 - Year 14, past/present members of St Mary's Staff, 2 Vice-Principals and Principal.  The association aims to meet 6 times throughout the academic year - all new members are welcome to get involved!


The aim of the P.F.T.A. is to work close together to improve our School Policies, Key Events, Teaching, Learning, Transition, Communication and much more! It's important to keep in mind our Key School Priorities:-

  • No.1: Staff & Pupil Emotional Health and Wellbeing (EHWB)
  • No.2: Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEAIG) and Curriculum
  • No.3: Learning that fulfills the needs of individual pupils
  • No.4: Development of Digital Learning

Previous meetings

Monday 11th March 2019

Monday 25 February 2019

Monday 21 January 2019 - click here for PowerPoint

Monday 26 November 2018 - click here for PowerPoint

Monday 15th October 2018 - click here for PowerPoint